Mayer Hawthorne & Jake One Drop Surprise Tuxedo EP, ‘Fux With The Tux’

blame it on Patrick Glynn January 20, 2017

So maybe today won’t be a 100 percent piece of shit after all.

While I’m watching protesters get pelted with flash bangs and pepper spray after Donald Trump’s inauguration on CNN, a new project from Tuxedo — the duo of Mayer Hawthorne and producer Jake One — flashed across my Twitter feed, and while it doesn’t remedy everything that’s about to come, it’s a temporary flare of joy.

Fux With The Tux features three new songs from the duo, becoming their first new music since 2015. Mayer Hawthorne dropped two projects — Man About Town and Party Of One — last year, too.

Stream the project below, and download it on iTunes.