Cookin Soul Stirs the Simmering Political Pot With Nas Mashup, “Newsflash”

blame it on JES7 January 21, 2017

I can admit, the first time I became an absolute fan of Cookin Soul was sometime in between 2010-2011, when the Spanish duo of Big Size and Zock released their Nas remix tape The Lost Tapes 1.5 with Don Cannon. In particular, their flip of “2nd Childhood,” the perfect marriage between one of Nasir’s most underrated cuts and The Jones Girls’ 1979 single “Who Can I Run To” (made popular again in the mid-90s by R&B group Xscape).

Anyone who follows the two know their record digging game is on another level, choosing to pick out the most obscure samples (even if that means throwing down big dollars) versus picking samples that every producer has played out.

In light of everything that’s happened in, I don’t know, the last couple of centuries, Cookin’ Soul decided to rehash Nas’ memorable, timeless verse from Robin Thicke’s “Deep” — which Verse Of The Month honors last November — and re-purpose it as a “Newsflash” of sorts.

Vibe out to the Cookin’ Soul x Nas mashup below.