Killer Mike And Huffington Post To Debut Podcast For “White Liberals Afraid Of Trump”

blame it on Meka January 25, 2017

Although he and El-P are currently traveling the planet on their Run The World Tour, Killer Mike is offering those living in fear of a white planet a brief respite from the stress caused by Cheetos P. Racist.

The Huffington Post has announced that Mike will host a podcast based on the Reconstruction Era in the 1800s. “If you know anything about Reconstruction, you’ve probably been told that it was a brief moment of ill-advised revenge that the North took on the South just after the Civil War,” the HuffPo said in a statement. “But the real history of Reconstruction is one of great hope and promise mixed with tremendous violence.”

The podcast reveal comes following an interview with Mike, in which he provided advice for, well, white liberals who are afraid of Trump.

“Go outside of your white liberal, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant circle,” he said. “Go find other people and become a part of movements that you don’t lead. Go become a part of movements in which you have to learn from the people who have endured this ― since Reagan, since Nixon ― and you will start to see what they have had to do to thrive and survive. And you guys will learn and you guys will devise strategies together.”

The podcast will debut sometime in 2017.