Ash Riser – “Free pt.2”

blame it on Patrick Glynn January 30, 2017

Over three years ago, Ash Riser released a song called “Free.” Now in 2017 with plenty of reasons to doubt his country’s ruler’s interpretation of what freedom is, the Cali singer/songwriter revisits the song for a second round.

“Free Pt. 2” holds a high level of energy from the first guitar notes as Ash questions what it’s like to live free with the looming presence of money and media influencing everything we do.

“This song is my observation of what mainstream media is feeding us,” Ash said in a press email. “We’ve left the age of information and entered the age of responsibility where we have to be mindful of what we say, even in private. I’ve always had my opinions of the world but I’m not going to consistently stand on a soap box. The “Free” series is where I can talk my shit and say what I have to say.”

Listen to “Free Pt. 2” below.