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New Venusians – “Get Along”

blame it on Patrick Glynn January 30, 2017

I’ve woken up each of the last nine days wondering how the new president of the United States will try and divide the country without thinking about consequences, and each day he’s tried his damnedest. But seemingly with each attempt at division, there’s been an equal push of unity in the form of protest at the National Mall, airports and streets in every major city around the country. It’s only day fucking nine and we’ve seen millions protest the simple idea that we’d be better off united — and, say, getting along — than in a fight against everything the country believes in.

As the last nine days have shown us — and, really, what history tells us — is that “getting along” isn’t as simple as taking signs to the streets for a couple weeks and calling it a day. Being one is a long, arduous process that sometimes doesn’t even pay its dividends.

Australian band New Venusians released the third single from their self-titled debut album, “Get Along,” today. On the surface, it’s simple: the hook repeats the same two words, the instruments blend easily in simple time, each singer takes their turn reflecting on a relationship. But at it’s core, the song’s message lies in a how hard — even in a one-on-one interaction — simply getting along can be.

“This song was inspired by the longing for peace in a tumultuous relationship and reflecting on the naivety of thinking it can be as simple as just ‘getting along,'” songwriter and guitarist Ben Panucci said. “We tried to reflect that naivety through not only the lyrics, but also the song’s structure and simple two-word chorus.”

“The track was worked on whilst on the northern beaches of Wollongong, and to me I can hear the ocean in it, particularly as we layered up some samples of us rubbing together coral in our hands to help with the beat!”

New Venusians’ album is set to drop in March via Fresh Selects. Listen to “Get Along,” amongst other singles from their album, below.