Khalid Details The Influence Of Social Media On Relationships On “Location” with Genius

blame it on Patrick Glynn January 31, 2017

Newfound DopeHouse favorite Khalid made his debut on these pages with “Location,” which has now amassed over 11 million plays on SoundCloud and 31 million plays on SoundCloud. The El Paso, Texas, native recently stopped by the Genius offices in New York City to talk about the layers beneath the song’s soothing surface.

“Even though the songs sounds all, ‘it’s nice,'” he said at the beginning of the Genius segment. “This dude’s really going through some shit. This person really wants to know if this person is the right person for them, and maybe they’re not, so he ends up being fucked over eventually.”

He delves into first hearing the beat and who the song is about — a girl he used to talk to in El Paso — before detailing the song’s chorus and verses.