Syd Makes Her Solo Debut With ‘Fin’

blame it on Patrick Glynn February 2, 2017

The Internet’s leading woman, Syd, only recently made her debut on the DopeHouse for reasons people coming to the site since its inception understand.

Her talents were first discovered as a DJ and producer, later heading The Internet — a band that draws influence from soul, rock, hip-hop and other corners of the music world who dropped an acclaimed album in 2015 called Ego Death.

She, like members and affiliates such as Matt Martians, Tay Walker and Steve Lacy, is branching out into the solo realm with her new project, Fin.

Set at 12 tracks — including singles “Body” and “All About Me” — Syd seems she’s averting away from the neo-soul influences she rocks with the band into a more bass-heavy, intimate and moody structure.

  1. Shake ’Em Off
  2. Know
  3. Nothin to Something
  4. No Complaints
  5. All About Me
  6. Smile More
  7. Got Her Own
  8. Drown in It
  9. Body
  10. Dollar Bills
  11. Over f. 6LACK
  12. Insecurities

Set with one feature from the buzzing 6LACK, you can stream Fin below and cop o  iTunes.