Chase Allen – “See The Light” (Video)

blame it on Patrick Glynn February 3, 2017

Much of Chase Allen’s Far From Home album takes a look at his travels and his mindset while he moved from Philly to Los Angeles. “See The Light,” though, takes a narrative look at other people’s lives, hoping they can reach the level of comfort with themselves as he can.

The project was largely influence by Malcolm X’s autobiography, and “See The Light” tries to help people who, at times, can’t help themselves.

“I learned about Christopher Columbus before Malcolm X,” he told The Key, a channel of NPR’s Philadelphia affiliate. “When I didn’t know any better I thought the black panthers were gangsters. I grew up making fun of dark complexioned kids. If a girl had Cherokee in her family we used to say she had good hair. Seeing the light is about looking past all of the layers of oppression and self hate. The history of slavery is just the tip of the iceberg of our existence. We were once kings, you know?”

Watch the video, directed by Good Hype, below.