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DJ Manipulator – Jazz Is Everything (Mix)

blame it on JES7 February 5, 2017

I believe jazz music is an acquired taste. A genre that one can come to appreciate as their minds expand and their music tastes broaden. Such was the case with yours truly. While I may have simply “dabbled” in the genre back in the days, I only came to truly appreciate jazz a decade or so ago.

For those of you who are currently enrolled in college, I’d suggest you look into creating a nice jazz playlist. As with classical music, jazz has been scientifically proven to “put students in a heightened emotional state, making
 them more receptive to information.” Not to mention its direct association with Hip-Hop.

Massachusetts-based producer DJ Manipulator, the man behind “2 Drums” featuring Conway understands the core importance of jazz and has decided to put together a quick 30-minute mix that will be perfect for you to unwind to after tonight’s big game.

Stream it below.