Gee Watts – “Moany Soaked Me” x “Dipset Raised Me”

blame it on JES7 February 11, 2017

The lead up to Gee WattsCaviArt LP has been nothing short of amazing, having launched the project’s first two singles “Grammys” and “On Some Sh*t.”

And although fans may have been waiting in the wings for the album for nearly a year, the Kansas City native released his Sketches mixtape packed with a few cuts which never made the project’s final cut.

Today, Gee is back with two solid bangers: “Moany Soaked Me” and “Dipset Raised Me.”


In 5000 bc Heru was described as the Christ figure/energy and worhsiped as such. In the cover art we see a grown Heru sitting in the lap of Auset, his mother. This symbolizes no matter how old or powerful we get we’re always Mama’s baby. Moany soaked me, this a lil game she gave me, im givin it back.


In 5th grade I was put in ISS for asking girls to lemme f**k they face, shout at to killa cam, I really mean it!