Keffaleng Just Wants To “Hit It And Quit It” On New Single

blame it on Meka February 13, 2017

Keffaleng calls his upcoming album, out March 6th, Not So Famous. Well, if he continues to put out music like this, that may end up being the biggest lie he’s ever told.

A native of Toronto, Keffa — a 21-year-old Ethiopian — hopes that the buzz surrounding him will translate into success, releasing the latest single from his EP “Hit It And Quit It.” There’s no deeper meaning in this one; Keffa, in his own words, just wants a rubber-less quickie so he can go about his business.

Because, safety third!

Anti-safe sex sentiments aside, the track itself is melodically catchy, and fits right in with the Canadaian sonic aesthetic that has permeated throughout the city for years now. Produced by VinnyX, the track can be heard below.