Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Our Purple Playlist Of Prince Love Songs

blame it on Andreas Hale February 14, 2017

It’s the day for lovers across the globe and when you need to set the mood, the late Prince Nelson Rogers had the game sewed up like a seamstress. As long as you didn’t let the Purple One near your lady, you were guaranteed for an evening of love (or lust).

We all know Prince has a massive catalog of hits, but there are those joints that were absolutely legendary when it comes to the art of lovemaking. The Dopehouse takes a little departure from some rough and rugged bars to deliver this playlist of classic Prince moments that your significant other can’t help but appreciate. We’ll get back to the bars tomorrow. But today is all about that swoon and croon with arguably the best to have ever done it.

Available on both Apple Music and Spotify—thanks to Warner Bros. releasing their entire Prince catalog over the weekend—The Purple V-Day Playlist can be heard below.

01 “Adore”
Sign “O” the Times, 1987

02 “I Wanna Be Your Lover”
Prince, 1979

03 “I Would Die For You
Purple Rain, 1984

04 “Erotic City”
“Let’s Go Crazy” B-Side, 1984

05 “If I Was Your Girlfriend”
Sign “O” the Times, 1987

06 “Diamonds & Pearls”
Diamonds & Pearls, 1991

07 “Do Me Baby”
Controversy, 1981

08 “Soft & Wet”
For You, 1978

09 “I Feel For You”
Prince, 1979

10 “Pink Cashmere”
Single, 1978