Navarro (fka Scheme) – “Hunger of Memory”

blame it on JES7 February 19, 2017

La Raza.

Given President Agent Orange’s continued push to build a giant wall between the U.S./Mexico border (even going as far as signing an executive order on his first day in office), hundreds of Mexicans have taken to the streets to embrace each other and form a human chain along the Rio Grande.

Chicago-born Mexican emcee Navarro, formerly known as Scheme has decided to break his silence and release his first piece of new music since 2013’s Pocket Full of Pesos.

Today, Navarro joins in protest with the thousands of immigrants who are living in fear of being deported under Trump’s fascist regime, releasing a new song titled “Hunger of Memory,” set to appear on Navarro’s upcoming album De Este Lado Tambien Hay Sueños or On This Side We Have Dreams Too

The artwork is my father (on far left) with his friends working in farms in the US in the 70s. He came in search of a dream. Hoping to make a life for his wife (my mother) and his daughters (my sisters) back in Mexico. He eventually returned because he couldn’t do it without them and they all came back as a family. I was born and raised in Chicago. I’ve been given countless opportunities because of the sacrifices my parents made. I will forever be grateful. Thank you to all the immigrants in our beautiful country that make it run every day.

Listen below.