Little Simz Rocks NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert

blame it on Patrick Glynn February 21, 2017

We all have an album from last year that we didn’t include in our mental “favorite albums of last year” lists (or, you know, our physical ones) because we just flat out didn’t listen to them in time. Little Simz’s Stillness In Wonderland came out in the middle of December, but between RTJ3, Kid Cudi’s album and Childish Gambino’s introduction to the funk world, it was hard for me to pick anything else up until 2017.

But that’s what happened with Stillness In Wonderland.

An deep dive into her own fantasy world and eventual escape from it, Simz performed three of the album’s songs during her recent Tiny Desk Concert for NPR: “Poison Ivy,” “No More Wonderland” and “Picture Perfect.” Armed with a guitar on the first song, she sings and raps as leads the concert up to its energetic final performance of “Picture Perfect.”