Vince Staples Vs. Nardwuar

blame it on Meka March 6, 2017

It’s been a while since Nardwuar did an interview. Fortunately, Vince Staples recently stopped in his hometown of British Columbia during his Life Aquatic Tour and the two had a chat.

With his album scheduled to drop any moment now, Vince and Nard crack jokes on about how Ja Rule and Ashanti saved Staples’ life, old No I.D. records (“he likes to ignore this part of his life,” says Vince), his connection to the socialist newsletter The Militant, Tray Dee from The Eastsidaz, and much more. Vince’s manager, Corey Smyth, also joins in on the fun as well.

His mini-rant on the gang-banging of the 1990s is hilariously on point, too.