Pell Joins Maroon 5’s PJ Morton On “Claustrophobic”

blame it on Patrick Glynn March 7, 2017

PJ Morton is the keyboardist for Maroon 5. (Who knew?) He’s been intertwined with the band since 2010, but he had a buzzing solo career before joining the band and has been continuing on dropping music outside of the band since.

His next project, Gumbo, is supposed to drop this year. For first single from the project, Morton recruits fellow NOLA native Pell for “Claustrophobic.”

“Initially, it was of out of frustration,” Morton told Saint Heron of writing the song. “I’m an artist who has chosen, outside of being apart of Maroon 5, to follow a path that is not necessarily the most popular one. Those in positions of power are usually trying to adjust you and tailor you to fit what they would like to sell to the masses. … For me, it became the anthem for the dreamer and a message to all of the doubters.”

Listen to “Claustrophobic” below.