Jidenna Breaks Down “Parking Lot Pimpin” + “The Let Out” for Genius

blame it on Patrick Glynn March 8, 2017

When Jidenna’s “The Let Out” originally dropped, it featured Quavo. But by time it landed on his album, The Chief, the Migo was replaced with Nana Kwabena, who starred in the song’s video. Either way, Jidenna wants to make it clear the song’s message runs deeper than being a “parking lot pimpin’ song,” which he said the song is on the surface.

“When we’re making party records or records for fun, I never want to lose sight of what it really is,” Jidenna said. “I’m celebrating in the face of mass incarceration. We free tonight. I like to put these records in context, instead of just escapism. I don’t believe in full on escapism. Music helps you get out of your mundane life, but you gotta remember what we’re doing.”

Watch the segment below.