Charlotte Dos Santos – “Red Clay”

blame it on Patrick Glynn March 9, 2017

Charlotte Dos Santos is a talented singer, songwriter and producer from Norway who currently presides in Brooklyn. She’s releasing an EP — Cleo — later this year via the trustworthy Fresh Selects, and she shared the first single, “Red Clay,” this week. The song delves into Dos Santos’ feelings about the leeches around her, singing, “you were just some mud in my way” to start the hook.

“I wrote ‘Red Clay’ in frustration over vapid people who lack identity and need others to give them a purpose,” Dos Santos told The FADER, who premiered the song. “It is about someone who took advantage of my creativity and love and needed me to help them take form – shape them – but in the end, to me – the person was nothing but mud which eventually will crumble or dissolve.”

Listen to “Red Clay” below.