SZA’s New Album Dropping ‘Ridiculously Soon’

blame it on Patrick Glynn March 15, 2017

Ever since SZA’s new album CTRL didn’t drop on February 3 like we first assumed, we’ve been getting sprouts of info about the project, from the making of it to what it will be about — she said it’s her most open work yet in an interview with Pharrell and Scott Vener.

In a new interview with NYLON, published today, SZA said CTRL is dropping “ridiculously soon.”

The basis of interview was about SZA’s new collaboration with Beyoncé’s Ivy Park athleisure line, talking about working out, what she eats and whatnot, but the conversation naturally ventured toward her album, which is when she revealed how close it is to dropping.

It was also revealed in the interview every song on CTRL would be named after an actress, led by the project’s first single, “Drew Barrymore.” She discussed what type of movies she likes and for what reasons:

Six Degrees of Separation, which I just watched last night. I like different movies for different reasons. Scarface for the hair, Blow for Penélope’s hair, every Spike Lee film literally, just because the cinematography is so good and it’s so brilliant, and the scoring. I feel like I’ve watched Godfather with my dad a billion times. I love that movie… Eyes Wide Shut, I love that, too.

Check out snippets of the interview below, and read the full thing on NYLON’s website.


On learning how to make an album:

I would say, mostly, it has to do with the way it sounds to you. You really have to be clear in your head about what you want or what you hear and then, after you’re clear, don’t be afraid to try and change it. Me accepting that I didn’t know anything was very freeing. It allowed me to take chances and just do other stuff. When I think I know everything, I’m not even clear on what it is I don’t know. I was sticking to a very rigid idea of what I thought I was supposed to be, instead of just trying to maximize a feeling or maximize a moment in my mind.

On how modeling for Beyoncé’s clothing line became a thing:

I have no idea. She just asked me, and I showed up.

On self-care:

I think meditation is probably the strongest self-care method around, personally. Just because it deals with the brain and your energy and that’s where everything else comes from. And then probably dry brushing. Random, but it feels really good and clears the lymph system, which is, like, the only part of your body that doesn’t cleanse itself.