Chance the Rapper Opens Up About Relationship with Apple Music, Remaining Independent

blame it on Patrick Glynn March 17, 2017

In the year since Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book debuted as an Apple Music exclusive for two weeks, his independence —his ability to create music free of any label or entity — came into question. It was a reasonable question to ask, though after two weeks on Apple Music, the project was released for free on SoundCloud.

In the lead up to and celebration since winning a couple GRAMMYs, his independence was the subject of many of his interviews in the mainstream media, which got the “is he really independent?” crowd ramped up again. Hell, I even dedicated a 45-minute discussion with some friends about independence. (We brought up dumb conspiracy theories and arguments from the opposition, but I settled that yes, Chance is independent as hell and should get money from these sponsorships when he can.)

Chance took to Twitter to clear up his relationship with Apple, which many have used against him to say he’s not really independent.

He said Apple gave him $500,000 and a commercial to put Coloring Book on there for two weeks, and that was the extent of the deal. He also said that artists can take advantage of the streaming war as long as the artist keeps their integrity.

Get that money and be free, Chance.