WTF Is Going On In Run The Jewels’ “Legend Has It” Video?

blame it on Meka March 22, 2017

Surprisingly, this is the very first video from Run The Jewels‘ eponymous third album, for their single “Legend Has It.” But it is, by far, one of their zaniest (with a message!) visuals to date.

Directed by Brian Beletic, the video plays off of the ideal of “guilty until proven innocent.” “In this story EL-P and Killer Mike are in a police lineup and the cards are stacked heavily against them. But why is that?” Beletic explains.

“This video is a worst nightmare scenario,” RTJ adds. “High on acid and caught in the system. Pitted against icons of innocence in a police line up that doesn’t feel real.” Then, hilariously enough, they add, “No bunnies were hurt in the making of this video.”

Watch the madness unfold below.