Faith Evans Reinterprets A Notorious B.I.G Classic As “Ten Wife Commandments”

blame it on Meka March 23, 2017

So… yeah. This just happened. And, yes, I will write about this in as respectful a manner I can. But just know, that in my mind, the very title made me instantly go

So, here goes nothing.

On May 19th, Faith Evans will release her duet album with The Notorious B.I.G., The King & I. The album promises to feature “unreleased Biggie verses,” but so far the first few drops — “When We Party” and “NYC” — have had familiar rhymes. The third, “Ten Wife Commandments,” is more of the same.

Essentially reinterpreting B.I.G’s “Ten Crack Commandments,” from the DJ Premier-produced instrumental down to the rhymes, the song is stripped of any drug reference and instead turned into… this. Listen to it below, at your own behest.