Psymun Announces ‘Rainbow Party’ EP; Drops “I Need My Boy”

blame it on Patrick Glynn March 27, 2017

It’s been nearly three years since producer Psymun released a solo project — 2014’s Pink Label EP. After that, he, Bobby Raps, Spooky Black and Allan Kingdom released an album together as The Stand4rd, then many became recluse for a while.

Psymun, though, has popped up over the last year with songs like “Weakling” and “Exacter x2,” all prepping a return this year with a new EP, Rainbow Party. Today, Psymun shares the first single, “I Need My Boy.”

The song is loud and distorted from the get-go. “I Need My Boy” brings electric guitars, bass-heavy synthesizers and an arena-filling sound to Psymun’s repertoire, which we will see played out on the Rainbow Party EP out May 5.