RZA & PARISI Tackle the Worldwide Refugee Crisis on “No Refuge”

blame it on Patrick Glynn March 27, 2017

RZA and electronic duo PARISI join forces for “No Refuge,” which aims to assist in the worldwide refugee crisis of millions fleeing war-torn countries of the Middle East. Just as the United States started to try to help by accepting refugees under the Obama administration, the country took a step back once Donald Trump became president. (The attempt at restricting people from certain countries to try and come to the U.S. didn’t help, either.)

“I’m an innocent immigrant trying to emigrate to the land built by immigrants where the face of a former slave became the face of the president,” RZA hums over the spooky, desolate production, “where the hearts of the depraved men once boarded ships and crossed the oceans searching for a place to practice their religion out in the open.”

The song came with a video, which sees a group of immigrants working together to get across a foggy landscape to brighter pastures. All proceeds from the song will go to the United Nations Refugee Agency.

Watch the video, directed by Ben Strebel, below.