Jamiroquai Returns With The Groove on ‘Automaton’ Album

blame it on Patrick Glynn March 30, 2017

I didn’t realize it until not too long ago that I was first introduced to Jamiroquai in a hotel room in 2004. I was in a hotel because work was being done on my dad’s apartment or we were between apartments, something like that. (I don’t remember the details that finely.) But I do remember my brother and I convincing my dad to order Napoleon Dynamite to pass the time. He hated it. We, growing up in an age where our comedy was shaped by Superbad and Anchorman, did not.

“Canned Heat” was the soundtrack to Napoleon’s pitch for Pedro becoming class president, but it’s also been the soundtrack for pretty much everything I’ve done the last couple months. I can’t get into a debate about which Jamiroquai album is the best, but if you’re trying to get on down, there aren’t many artists I’d suggest over the last couple months than Jamiroquai.

The group, headlined by Jay Kay, last released an album in 2010 — Rock Dust Light Star — but they return today with their newest effort, Automaton. The lead single and title track arrived in January, and it was a clear return to the group’s space-age funk roots. It was followed by “Cloud 9” a couple weeks later, which was a regression to Jamiroquai’s mean (albeit a mean untouched by a lot of groups), but we haven’t heard much from the group since then.

All 12 tracks are here now, though, and you can stream them below via Apple Music. Make sure you cop the album, too, on iTunes.