Azad – “Nu Religion (Freestyle)”

blame it on JES7 April 1, 2017

Last spotted at the DopeHouse with his A Very Emotional EP in December, Los Angeles native Azad (Right) drops by with his first official offering of the new year.

Inspired solely by THEY.’s opening salvo from their Nü Religion: Hyena album, Azad makes light work of the hypnotic instrumental, calling it “the hardest beat of the year.”

Listen below and peep the lyrics after the jump.

Never had money but my game is silly
Stroke the baddest in the city before I make a mily
fuck a major, I’ll go sign myself
blow up your favorite artist then I’ll cosign myself

Yeah, me and Dave the new jay and dame
they gon run this shit back like its some 09 drake and Wayne
Back in 09 we was tryna make a name
I got it, I’m Azad Mottola and he David Grainge

Yeah, i’ma make 30 ‘fore I’m 30 brother
Billboard I want that 30 under 30 cover
Me and my chees all wearing black tees
rocking MOAG chains, eating cheetos souflee

I’m kicking game listen close, hope you learn the importance
Disciplined as fuck, I’m determined to flourish
And I travel so much, i’ma permanent tourist
My girl pussy angelic, she work as a florist

rappers got no heart with all these flat lines
it’s a new era, shit I seen too many capsize
keep my name clean cause the Feds watchin
i be living every day like the dead watching

up early, two cups of philz coffee, eye my prey and then I really get to hawkin’ like Brian Dawkins
up early, runnin’ circles round these joggers
fucked your bitch and I ain’t scared to make it awkward, bro I’m lionhearted

2 –
i’m like Hov mixed w DJ Khaled
i ain’t scared to say i got three great talents
i pick up slack if my teammates challenged
you’re only as strong as the weakest off your bench

never hold my tongue when i’m speaking chu my friends
and i see the future when i’m peaking through my lens
so if i believe it, i just speak it to existence
if i don’t fuck with you then best believe i keep my distance

Damn, but I make my own luck
Write my own songs, I put up my own bucks
and give it straight to the public, shit I’m my own plug
You say that you’re an artist, but don’t even own your own stuff… how’s that make sense?