Watch A Teaser For Season 2 Of AMC’s ‘Preacher’

blame it on Meka April 3, 2017

AMC’s series Preacher, based on the DC/Vertigo graphic novel of the same name, debuted in the summer of 2016 and… well, started off very slow. Then, as the series began to take shape — and pick up in the action — it ended for the season.

Season 2 of the show is slated to debut in the Summer 2017, and will continue right where the series left off. Following the events of the first season in which Texas preacher Jesse Custer — after being accidentally merged with a supernatural creature named Genesis and giving him a power might rival that of God — discovers that God has disappeared from Heaven itself, he along with his partners Tulip O’Hare and Cassidy embark on a road trip to literally find him. Sounds ideal, except that they come across a myriad of obstacles that stand in their way, from fallen angels to the Saint Of Killers and everything in between.

A brief teaser of what’s to come can be seen below. Preacher returns June 25th.