Vince Staples & Hannibal Buress Rank Today’s NBA “Tough Guys”

blame it on Meka April 3, 2017

The National Basketball Association may be at an all-time high in terms of popularity and revenue, but the game is a far cary from the anarchy that reigned supreme during the 90s (and up until, say, The Malice at The Palace in 2004). Players aren’t limited to the “traditional” rules of their positions: centers pass like guards, guards grab rebounds like forwards, and the Milwaukee Bucks have a near-7 foot tall player that plays the point astutely.

The Ringer explores this “new” NBA in a segment titled “Real NBA Tough Guys vs. Fake NBA Tough Guys,” and the sourced Vince Staples and Hannibal Buress to debate about some of the League’s toughest players of today. Spoiler alert: Zaza Pachulia is not one of them.