Danger Mouse Talks New Album, Potential of New Gnarls Barkley Music on ‘Beats 1’

blame it on Patrick Glynn April 4, 2017

Danger Mouse is coming out with a new album — Resistance Radio: The Man in the High Castle Album — and it’s based on the TV show on the same name, which explores what the world would be like if the Nazis won World War II.

He stopped by Zane Lowe’s radio show on Beats 1 to talk about how quick he was able to whip up songs from the project, working with Dan Auerbach (of The Black Keys) and the potential of new music from Gnarls Barkley — his and CeeLo Green’s group.

Though there’ve been rumors of the two making music and coming out with an album again for years to no avail. Apparently, Danger Mouse — real name Brian Burton — and CeeLo (whose dabbled with his Gnarls Barkley-influenced Gnarly Davidson persona recently) were supposed to meet up the day after the election, but those plans were stalled after how depressing the results were.

“I’ll say this: CeeLo and I have always been in touch and we’ve always remained friends and still do and always have a creative desire,” Burton said, “that was a part of our lives that never really felt over and never really felt finished and he and I still do discuss it a lot. So that means there’s never not been a potential in my head, so it’s definitely a possibility.”

Listen to the full interview below.