Michael Christmas Returns With “Not The Only One”

blame it on Patrick Glynn April 4, 2017

Life is something that really just constantly beats you down, and you live for the occasional moments when it’s not.

Michael Christmas — like you and I — has experienced life when absolutely nothing goes right, from relationship issues to losing NBA 2K games by double digits. (No one ever said every issue has to be THAT serious.) Said experiences are the subject of Mickey’s newest song, “Not The Only One,” where he deals with life’s downs by hoping he’s not the only one going through a rough patch.

Yesterday, Mickey tweeted the meaning behind the song: “This for the kid who don’t wanna go out even tho they friends are on the back about it. This song is for anyone who be fucking up and it’s not on purpose you just can’t seem to get right. Like no matter how hard you try shit just be mad weird and you thinking why am I like this? But I can’t be the only one living like this.”

Watch the video, directed by Christmas and Hunter Lyon, below. The song will land on Mickey’s upcoming album.