Los Angeles Maestro B. Bravo Marries Multiple Genres on ‘Paradise’ Album

blame it on JES7 April 8, 2017

“Everyone wants their own version of paradise in one way or another. These are songs about passion and love and fun and frustration and patience in the crazy journey of life.”

My formal introduction to B. Bravo’s brand of music was initially met with awe, and simultaneously, disbelief. Perhaps it’s because of my recent jaded view of rap music, but B. Bravo, also known in some circles by his government name, Adam Mori, brought an element of surprise with his new album, Paradise; a breath of fresh air that allows those of us who ingest Hip-Hop 24/7 to set aside our worries and get lost in other, sometimes forgotten genres of music.

Following the release of the album’s singles/videos for “Energy,” the addictive funk of “Freak It,” “Can’t Keep My Hands off You” and more recently, “Summer Love (Ride the Wave),” B. Bravo finally unveils his pièce de résistance, Paradise.

The 12-track project is an excursion into “cosmic G-Funk,” house/disco, R&B and jazz, and is adaptable for nearly any scenario: a summer backyard BBQ, a late night ride around town, a day spent at the beach or the perfect soundtrack to put on as you dig into your annual spring cleaning.

Stream Paradise below and purchase on iTunes or Bandcamp.