Swayyvo – “They Don’t Like It” f. Floami Fly

blame it on JES7 April 16, 2017

Armed with his trusty saxophone, piano, a pen and pad, Chattanooga, TN-born-and-raised musician/multi-instrumentalist Swayyvo makes his grand entrance for the first time at the DopeHouse.

Inspired by revolutionary artists like Kendrick Lamar, The Roots, Eric B & Rakim, Earth Wind & Fire and John Coltrane, Swayyvo picked up and fell in love with the saxophone while attending Tyner Middle School at the age of 11 before eventually educating himself in the art of production and engineering.

Aside from being recognized as one of the most prominently known sax players at “just about every Baptist church in Chattanooga,” Swayyvo has also had his hands in another well known Chattanooga artist’s project: TUT, providing his trademark saxophone skills on “Living on the Sun” (off TUT’s 2015 Preacher’s Son mixtape).

According to a Noisey profile on TUT, Swayyvo is a fitting component of TUT’s live backing band, The House Band—and at one point, either lived in, or was a part of a rotating group of musicians who would migrate in and out of TUT’s house.

Trailing ahead of his 2016 Cornucopia EP, Swayyvo enlists the assistance of fellow Chattanooga rapper Floami Fly, who adds her entrancing bars, complimenting Swayyvo’s fascinating commentary on millennials’ “crabs-in-a-bucket mentality” on his latest self-produced single “They Don’t Like It.”

Listen below.