Open Mike Eagle To Co-Host Music/Comedy Show On Comedy Central

blame it on Patrick Glynn April 18, 2017

So Open Mike Eagle is getting his late-night comedy show after all.

Comedy Central announced Tuesday it greenlit a show called The New Negroes, a show co-hosted and co-executively produced by Open Mike Eagle and Baron Vaughn.

The New Negroes is a show that “taps into something that is so real and vital, it’s tapping into black comedy while presenting multiple points of view and different angels on material and performances that is reflective of the world we are living in,” according to Comedy Central president Kent Alterman.

More formally, Deadline described the show as “a socially aware stand-up and musical series showcasing a collection of new and established comedians.”

The two have been hosting a monthly live comedy and music show in Los Angeles by the same name over the last year.

In an interview with SPIN in November, Open Mike described how the two worlds of comedy and music come together in their show.

“Baron picks the comics, because comedy is his world,” he began. “The reason that I synthesize with the show so well is because we’ve had a similar journey. While his was in comedy, mine was in music, and it comes from a sense of how people think of you when they say you’re a black comic or how people think of you when you say you’re a rapper. But you start to understand after a while that, like, there’s fucking 10,000 amazing black rappers that don’t do anything like what people would expect and it’s all really good stuff. I represent that and he represents that in comedy.”

The New Negroes doesn’t have a set release date, but we’ll be tuned in the night it first airs.