Watch the Season 4 ‘POWER’ Teaser

blame it on Meka April 20, 2017

Let’s put it out there: “Big Rich Town” from 50 Cent deserves to be in that pantheon of all-time great Black television show intros, next to the theme songs for The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air and Living Single. The song, arguably, gets people even more hyped for POWER when “They say this is a big, rich town…” comes pumping through the television speakers.

Starz’ most popular series returns this Summer for a fourth season, with a fifth already scheduled for 2018, and things were looking bleak for James St. Patrick/Ghost (to say the least). For those who, somehow and inexplicably, haven’t seen what happened during the Season 3 finale, the following teaser Starz let loose may be confusing, but that’s all the more reason to watch the show right?

Season 4 of POWER starts July 7th June 25th.

Season 4 of #POWER kicks off June 25th!

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