Chance the Rapper, Donald Glover, John Legend Named Among TIME’s Most Influential People Of 2017

blame it on Patrick Glynn April 20, 2017

TIME released its annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world today. Honorees were separated into five categories — pioneers, leaders, artists, titans and icons — and, naturally, there were people from the music world who made their way onto the list.

Chance the Rapper, Donald Glover, Alicia Keys and John Legend were all named amongst the 100 most influential in the world.

Each influential person had a follow famous person write a small passage about how and why their influence runs so deep.

Here’s part of what Common wrote about Chance:

Chance upends expectations about what artists, ­especially hip-hop artists, can do. He streams his albums instead of selling them. He makes music from an unapologetically inspiring and Christian perspective—music that transcends age, race and gender. He gives back to his Chicago community. And he does it all as an independent artist, without the support of a label.

The endlessly talented Donald Glover had his reasoning wrote by his mentor, Tine Fey:

He embodies his generation’s belief that people can be whatever they want and change what it is they want, at any time. When you’re tired of starring in a network comedy, take a break to pursue your rap career for a Grammy nomination. When you’ve learned all you can from acting in other people’s movies, sit down and create your own piece of art.

Actress Kerry Washington wrote about Alicia Keys, “Alicia doesn’t hide her truth, her flaws, her dreams or her journey,” and Harry Belafonte wrote nice things about John Legend: “John uses his platform to push for meaningful social change, and the depth of his commitment is to be admired.”

Other monumental people on the list include: Viola Davis, LeBron James, Barry Jenkins, Colin Kaepernick, the Pope, Leslie Jones and Ava Duvernay.

Check out the full list on TIME’s website.