Max B Calls Into Funk Flex, Announces Single With French Montana & The Weeknd

blame it on Meka April 25, 2017

In September 2016, both Wiz Khalifa and French Montana surprised many people when they revealed that Max B would be “coming home soon.” Max — who was originally given 75 years in prison on conspiracy charges related to armed robbery, kidnapping, assault and murder — took a plea bargain (he got a 75-year sentence because, according to French, he “blew trial”) which would knock the sentence down to 20 years. However, as he has been incarcerated since 2009 and those years have been added to his sentence, he could be a free man as soon as 2018 (or later, if he gets into trouble).

French recently called in to Funk Flex‘ Hot 97 radio show, and rather than provide an update on Max he put Charly Wingate on the phone instead. Throughout the niceties Max revealed that he has a single with both French and The Weeknd (and produced by Harry Fraud, tentatively scheduled to be released “around the last week of May 2017.” Or, right around Memorial Day.

How did this song come to fruition? Well, a rumor suggests that Max was transferred to the East Jersey State Prison), one of the extremely rare U.S prisons with an actual recording studio in the facility.