Stream Roga Raph’s ‘Nostalgiks’ LP

blame it on JES7 April 29, 2017

While many of Roga Raph‘s recent visuals, including “The Preface,” “Won’t Stop” and more recently, the Pharcyde-inspired “Stand Up” explored different aesthetic beats, they’re all tied to and grounded by one common denominator: Experimentation.

Although the sounds of his newest album, Nostalgiks is steeped in 90s-inspired Hip-Hop instrumentals, Roga is quick to counter such notions. “I anticipate that people will try to categorize me for having 90s influenced music, but the fact of the matter is I love all types of styles,” the New York-reared rapper-producer reveals in a press release. “I like to consider myself an ‘experimentalist,’ always trying to enhance the feel whether it be through beats or flow.”

Much like a chef de cuisine, Roga seasons his piece de resistance with unconventionality, such as on the uptempo, jazzy track “Swimming,” while making sure not to stray too far from familiarity.

Stream Nostalgiks below and pick up a digital copy on iTunes.