Sidewalk Chalk – “Dig” (Video)

blame it on JES7 April 29, 2017

It’s been five years since Chicago collective Sidewalk Chalk was featured at the DopeHouse, and within their drawn out absenteeism, members Charlie Coffeen, Rico Sisney, Maggie Vagle, David Ben-Porat, Sam Trump, and Josh Rosen cultivated a bigger following while retaining their unique sound and take on Hip-Hop.

A couple of weeks ago, Sidewalk Chalk dropped by with their latest record, “Dig” which experimented with a concept that is all too prevalent these days: police violence and acts of aggression toward peaceful protestors. Although many were quick to jump to the rightful assumption that the boy who was shot dead by police in the song was black, Sidewalk Chalk’s Rico Sisney countered these thoughts, stating “In the entire song we never mention the race of any of the characters, but you automatically assume that the boy is black. We performed the song on tour and this woman was so upset that we were pushing the narrative that white cops kill black kids. That speaks to how prevalent and culturally embedded these stories are at this point.”

With just a month out before the sextet group delivers their upcoming album, An Orchid Is Born (out June 2nd, with pre-orders now available on iTunes), Sidewalk Chalk share a visual for “Dig,” animated by Jack Blanket.