Wasiu – “Daddy Issues”

blame it on Patrick Glynn May 4, 2017

Wasiu is releasing his MTLiens follow-up, MTLiens 2, in the coming months. After dropping “Snow Mexican” last month, Wasiu shares “Daddy Issues” with the release date inching closer.

The Montreal native had a straight-forward (and a little disgusting) influence for making the song, which he detailed in his rhymes and in a quote below.

“The song is about my first experience at a strip club, wasted,” Wasiu said in a press email. “In America, they have dollar bills. In Canada, our dollar is called the Loonie, and it’s a coin. I was familiar with making it rain thanks to music videos, so I just threw them shits at the strippers. Throughout the night, I had voices in my head questioning my morality, and though I felt wrong about it all, I gave in to my urges. Yet, I would become that guy who has conversations with strippers telling them, ‘you don’t have to this.’ I end my night by throwing up on some strippers and bouncers throwing me out.”

Stream “Daddy Issues” below.