T.I’s ‘Us Or Else’ Short Film Now Available On YouTube

blame it on Meka May 5, 2017

In late 2016 T.I released an EP, Us Or Else. More politically and socially aware than any of his past works, Tip also unveiled a short film inspired by the project, which aired on BET April 24th.

That eponymous short film has now been released on YouTube, for everyone to watch. An extended song for the title track to Us Or Else, in the short T.I. plays a few characters, including a conflicted police officer stuck between his job and partners and the rising tension of cops gunning down unarmed Black youths. The short also includes several tracks from the album as well: “I Swear,” “Letter To The System,” “Warzone,” “I Believe,” “I’m Blessed,” “Writer,” “Pain” and “Take Da Wheel.”

Watch below.