Rappers Doing Good: Nicki Minaj Offers To Pay Student Loans For Dozens of Fans

blame it on JES7 May 7, 2017

In a random gesture of goodwill, Nicki Minaj offered to pay the student loans of over a dozen of her die-hard fans on Twitter last night, no matter where they were located or if they had a history of applying for the best loans for bad credit already.

What started out as Nicki answering fans’ questions about her recent “Regret In Your Tears” video challenge quickly snowballed into fans requesting the “No Frauds” rapper to help pay for their student loans, and eventually, some asking her to help jump start their college education.

Although the original stipulation required fans to have straight A’s, an average 4.0 GPA and verification with their respective schools, Nicki eventually caved in to the demanding pressure, deciding to pay nearly $20,000 worth of random fans’ student loans, before closing shop and promising to hold another round in “a month or two.”

According to TMZ, Nicki has followed through with her promise, with three people confirming she has paid up—one payment totalling $500 and another for $800.

Although $20,000 hardly puts a dent in the $1.4+ trillion in national student loan debt, it’s still an amazing feat for the Queens rapper, who is known as a very vocal advocate for education. Kudos to Nicki.