Logic & Neil deGrasse Tyson Talk ‘Everybody,’ Blacks in the Louvre

blame it on Meka May 8, 2017

With his third album, Everybody, out now, Logic is joined by one smart Black boy — Neil deGrasse Tyson — on the latest digital cover of Complex.

A pivotal contributor to the album (he is essentially the project’s “tour guide,” so to speak), Tyson joins Logic for a lengthy interview in which the two discuss how their collaboration came about, the future of music and humanity, and much more.

A choice quote, from Neil, on why he guested on Everybody:

Think about it. Because we all just function, the rest of us, just go to work and come home; artists make life bearable. They give perspectives on things we never knew you could have. They bring joy. They explore inner human emotion, and at its best, the full dynamic range of that emotion. And if an artist is reaching for the universe as a source of creative muse, then I’m there. I’m gonna say, “Yeah. Here’s Saturn. Here’s a black hole. Here’s twisted space-time. Talk to me. What do you need? What do you want?” And I’ll just feed you, because I think only then does science become mainstream—when science becomes a legitimate topic for artists.

Watch their entire sit-down below.