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Nemo Achida Returns With Home Video Of His Life On ‘V.H.S.’ EP

blame it on Patrick Glynn May 11, 2017

It’s been two years since we heard from Nemo Achida. In June 2015, the Atlanta-by-way-of-Kentucky multi-talent released his 20 Minutes of Previews mixtape, but then largely disappeared for two years. He made an official return earlier this week, though, with “Shaolin.”

The single was a snapshot of his life over the last two years, which saw Achida trying to grow as an independent artist in America. And that’s the basis of his new EP, V.H.S.

“This project is me showing just how creative I’ve grown,” Achida told 2DBZ over email. “Reflecting the lifestyle that would’ve been on video camera had it still been the era where we kept physical forms of memories.”

Just as cassettes and vinyl have made returns, maybe Achida is on the right path when looking back to 25 years for a sense of nostalgia.

“The universe is better to us than we are to ourselves,” Achida continued. “I sit around and watch old video recordings of family occurrences, watching God directly place his hand on my life. These VHS tapes that show me why I get fly, show me why music, colors and the speed of life fuel my every existence. My roots grew from creative ground. … This project is my VHS tape, it’s the best way to view me in an extremely tangible way.”

Stream the nine-track V.H.S. below.