Treach Disses Funkmaster Flex For 2Pac Comments, Flex Responds

blame it on Meka May 12, 2017

Towards the latter stages of his rap life, during the height of his beef with The Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac (purposely) didn’t have or make a lot of friends, particularly in New York. However, he did hold close friendships with a few East Coast rappers, particularly Naughty By Nature emcee Treach.

Naturally, the artist sometimes known as Trigger Treach (named after his infamously short fuse) didn’t take kindly to Funkmaster Flex’… uh… tear-filled rant comments about ‘Pac earlier in the month. Flex — who was never a fan of the late Hall Of Famer — took to his Instagram Live account and claimed that Tupac lied about his near-fatal shooting at Quad Studios in 1994, and — even more outrageously — claimed that ‘Pac shot himself. Flex also alleged that ‘Pac lied about Biggie’s involvement in the shooting because he knew he had nothing to do with it, and those lies are what lead to B.I.G. getting murdered in Los Angeles three years later.

(Nevermind that Flex totally glossed over the whole “2Pac in Las Vegas” thing.)

So, an enraged Treach has now come out against Funk Flex and has revealed a preview of a diss track aimed towards the Hot 97 personality, “Whoooh.” Holding nothing back, Treach revealed to TMZ that “Flex is ‘banned worldwide’ for disrespecting the dead, plus … ‘Who the f**k is any DJ to talk about anybody who made your career by making hits for you to play? All you do is spin records, you dirty bag of ashy elbows!'”

Listen to a preview of “Whoooh” below.

UPDATE: Flex responds, sort of.