Waka Flocka Reflects On His Brother’s Suicide On ‘The Therapist’

blame it on Meka May 15, 2017

Originally airing as a special episode of Noisey, YG And The Therapist, VICELAND has made it an ongoing series, now known simply as The Therapist. In its first episode of the new series, marriage and family counselor Dr. Siri Sat Sam Singh sat down with Freddie Gibbs, who opened up for the first time of being falsely accused of sexual assault, during which he was imprisoned in Europe for several months before ultimately being exonerated and returned to the States.

The second episode focuses on another rapper: Waka Flocka. Waka’s scenario is different, but just as emotional: he is still reeling from the loss of his brother KayO Redd, who committed suicide in 2013. Waka reveals that while KayO called him shortly before his suicide, he missed the call and now wonders every day what could have been.

“F*ck this rap sh*t,” he vents to Dr. Singh. “I’m trying to work so much to keep everybody happy, that reality is going by. What the f*ck was my little brother going through to make him kill himself? That’s how stressful this sh*t is? It’s that crazy?”

Wake’s episode of The Therapist debuts tonight (May 15th) on VICELAND. A preview can be seen below.