Wasiu – “MTLien”

blame it on Patrick Glynn May 17, 2017

Since I’ve known of Wasiu (he first appeared on the DopeHouse in 2015), he’s referred to himself as an MTLien — a clear nod to OutKast’s ATLiens album, only using his hometown of Montreal in place of Atlanta. He’s discussed the homage when he dropped his MTLiens album, but really, the whole project was an ode to the outcast persona Wasiu inherited growing up.

His latest track — yup, named “MTLien” — puts the direct reference on wax, though. He specifically details the influence of ATLiens the album and how it’s related to his life.

“Basically this record is me explaining why I relate to Outkast’s ATLiens album so much,” Wasiu told Mass Appeal. “Being Half Nigerian, Half Haitian, neither community really accepted me because I’m only half. My mother’s a Christian while my father’s Muslim. Both sides kept telling me the other side is wrong, yet I’ve learned about both.”

The song will land on Wasiu’s upcoming Snow Mexican EP. Listen to “MTLien” below.