Renz Young Analyzes The Self On ‘More Than Enough’ EP

blame it on Patrick Glynn May 22, 2017

Milwaukee rapper Renz Young dropped his It Was Nice Knowing You album just seven months ago, but he’s back now with a new EP, More Than Enough.

The project revolves around showing off Milwaukee talent (specifically his, of course) and how the city has shaped Renz’s life.

On the opening track, “Don’t Know,” he gets a message from his cousin letting him know he’s one of the best rappers coming from a region that has some of the best rappers in the world. But it’s immediately followed by a news report that says Milwaukee is the worst place in the United States to live for an African American. Once the raps come into rotation, Renz blends those two concepts as he realizes there are those in powers — or those who think they’re in power — who try to suppress black people and black art.

The rest of the six-track EP sees Renz struggling with this dichotomy: loving the city that seemingly doesn’t love him or his people back. Listen to More Than Enough, which features the single “Balance,” below.