Mila J Poses For Playboy

blame it on 2DBZ May 24, 2017

Fresh off dropping her Dopamine project, Mila J has spent the last month releasing videos for “New Crib,” “Move” and “No Fux.” And now, she’s posing for Playboy. Life is good.

On top of taking a few shots, the LA singer also sat down with the magazine to talk sex, food, and zodiac signs.

What makes you feel sexy?

I honestly feel sexiest right out of the shower, with my hair clean and face washed, in a towel. You feel pure but vulnerable. It’s a different state, like when you first wake up. I also like a boot up to my thigh – like give me some stripper clothes! Leather and a tall boot always make me feel sexy.

What do you find sexiest in another person?

A silent confidence. Mysteriousness is sexy. I don’t want to know everything about you up-front. Keeping mystery is good. I don’t want to know everything! I want to wonder sometimes. And a nice signature scent; I like a person’s natural scent. It’s the animal in us.

Oh, how this post could’ve been so much different if Playboy didn’t go and change their rule changes.

Photo: Jen Se