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Exile & Choosey Remix Rare Treat’s “Mornin Dew”

blame it on Patrick Glynn May 24, 2017

Rare Treat is a trio made up of Portland artists Myke Bogan, The Last Artful, Dodgr and Neill Von Tally, the latter two who just released a project Bone Music this year. The trio joined for a four-track, self-titled EP last summer, and now have revisited it with a compilation project of remixes from all the songs on their album.

So far, Rare Treat has had EastGhost and Jay IDK remix “Pop,” and Chester Watson put his spin on “Inflight.” Now, longtime collaborators Exile and Choosey are called on to remix “Mornin Dew.” (Exile and Choosey’s joint album Left Field was premiered by the DopeHouse in 2014, so it’s fitting we’re premiering a new remix from them three years later.)

The looping, synth-laden original is given a charged up with an additional layer of euphoria as the MPC legend places whipping drums underneath Choosey’s (and Bogan’s and Dodgr’s) lyrics of spending a morning with the only person who matters to them.

“I’m stoked that Exile was interested in remixing a track I produced,” Von Tally told us over email. “I listened to his music often when I was growing up and I consider him a huge influence.” And as for Exile? He has an equal respect for everyone involved. “Ahh man you know, Bogan and Dodgr to me are some of the flyest MCs on the west right now, and the track? It’s fire so it was a no brainer to remix this with a verse from Choosey. Family affair.

Listen to the remix below.