Lil Yachty Expresses ‘Teenage Emotions’ On Debut Album

blame it on Patrick Glynn May 25, 2017

Everyone’s got an opinion on Lil Yachty, and there’s often no middle ground. I’ve often see people comment on here something like, I’m glad he’s getting his paper, but it’s followed up with not-so-subtle and disingenuous, he’s trash tho.

To the people who don’t like the Atlanta teenager, whether it’s because of his disinterest in pleasing the old heads of hip-hop culture or strictly because of his sound, his debut album isn’t geared toward you; it’s geared toward the kids who’re happy there are people out there who hate what they like.

Teenage Emotions comes in at a hefty 21 tracks, but the tracklist features some heavy hitters: YG and Kamaiyah on one song, Diplo on another and the Migos appear on “Peek A Boo.” Lesser-known Evander Griim thrashes around on “X Men,” and Sonyae Elise guests on the final songs.

The singles released so far — “Peek A Boo,” “Bring It Back,” “Harley,” “X Men” — showcase a wide range of sound from bass-heavy bangers to light, autotuned love notes, and I expect that dichotomy will continue over the 21 songs.

Stream Teenage Emotions below, and cop the album on iTunes.

Watch a Yachty’s extensive interview with Zane Lowe about the album below.